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Beach Day Flight Training

Words cannot explain what a WONDERFUL time we had at the Air Ventures Katama Beach Day Fly In. We want to say thank you to all our students and friends who came out to enjoy the experience.

We had a fleet of 11 planes take-off from North Central State Airport, and our students were able to navigate their way to Katama, land on a grass strip runway, taxi, park the plane and walk across the street to the incredibly beautiful South Beach, on Martha's Vineyard Island!!!

It's surreal that this is flight training, but we strongly believe that the most wonderful part of Aviation is being able to enjoy the learning experience process. We want to show everyone, what just a mile of runway can offer.

The event went so well, we think we should host another before the summer ends! What do you all think? =)

Blue Skies & Tailwinds,

Air Ventures Flying School

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