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Why we do it

Air Ventures Flying School was founded in 2010. Born from a desire to foster an environment that approached aviation differently. We love aviation. Your initial pilot training is the very beginning of the journey but has the largest impact on your overall success whether you're planning to fly for fun or make it into a career. It's our objective to set you up for long term success after you earn your wings.

All too often instead of being a gateway into an amazing world, a flight school is a place where dreams go to die. With a national dropout rate of over 80% many flight schools are anything but that magic gateway. While many flight schools are focused on selling you the maximum amount of flight training, we are not. We are focused on setting you up with the skill set you need to be the most successful along your unique journey, not selling extra training with the generic statement "it will just make you better".

Because of the discipline required in all areas aviation is an alien environment and in many aspects more closely resembles martial arts than operating a motor vehicle. While physically operating an aircraft is a part of training to become a pilot, it's only one of about fifteen critical elements and often not even the most important. We focus on overall quality of education by building strong educational foundations in all areas and emphasize teaching you how to be an ever more effective learner.


We support an inclusive positive environment with an active pilot community that is focused on a high quality educational experience, which is an often overlooked aspect of flight training. It's more important to be consistent and understand the why of what you're doing than impress people with tales of your daring (often only due to a significant lack of essential knowledge) exploits as an aviator.

Over the years we have won numerous awards from AOPA and been featured in Flight Training magazine. We use a proprietary Foundational Based Training© syllabus designed by three time NAFI Master Flight Instructor Doug Auclair over the course of his nearly two decade flying career. It has proven to consistently produce a high quality pilot at the end of the training and more importantly it helps to significantly uncomplicate flight training and breaks it into easily digestible chunks.

If you can take the steps to walk through the door you can become a pilot, and at Air Ventures that's all it takes to be part of our amazing community and this join in on this epic aviation adventure.

Air Ventures Flying School is dedicated to making you the most successful pilot you can possibly be, from your intro flight to aircraft ownership, to an amazing career in aviation we will get you there.

Call us to setup a visit or just stop by and see for yourself!

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