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We don't like to brag, but...

Air Ventures is kicking butt, creating new pilot's one at a time! Over the last few weeks we've had the chance to Solo three students!!! On top of that, one of our commercial students and one of our IFR students, went cross country together, all the way to Arizona! Whoa!

We aren't messing around when we say we produce skillful, competent and professional pilots who are confident with their skills!

Let's give a big congrats to our courageous students, Regan (shown above), Luke, Mike, Juliano & Sammy 9's!

We like progress, and little by little becomes a lot. If you are reaching a plateau in your training, you might want to consider flying at Air Ventures RI. We look at each student individually, and tailor the training to YOUR learning style and needs. This is so important, as everyone learns differently. Flying is tough as it is, there's no reason to make it harder on yourself!

Check out Luke, AKA Top Gun (shown below)!

We care about our students' success, because when they succeed, we succeed. There is nothing more valuable than the smile on a students face after a big accomplishment!

Way to go fellow Aviators! Keep up the good work!

Blue Skies & Tailwinds

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