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EAA AirVenture 2023 (Pilgrimage to OSH)

AVFS crew judging arrivals at OSH22
AVFS crew judging arrivals at OSH22

Every year for over the last decade on or around July 22nd we mobilize an impromptu fleet of airplanes from our quaint East Coast KSFZ and set off on an 800 mile pilgrimage to the aviation holy land that is Oshkosh Wisconsin.

For those of you unfamiliar it is the largest aviation gathering on the planet. With nearly 1 million visitors and over 11,000 airplanes arriving by the weeks end. It's a trade show, airshow, college recruitment, mission recruitment, technology demonstration, military show of force and recruitment, gathering, camp out, gawk fest, and reunion among other things, the most important is that it's been scientifically proven to be the most fun a human being who is interested in aviation can have.

The adventure of just arriving to the show is a once in a lifetime experience (that we prefer to repeat every year). You have never flown in close proximity to so many airplanes or such a neat arrival into an airport as the VFR RIPON arrival via the NOTAM.

We are gong into our 12th year going to the show with everyone who possibly wants to join us. We take all of our flight school airplanes and add any other pilots with their own airplanes to the train that wanna join our group. To date we have brough over 200 new people to the show and every person who has ever accompanied us has never had anything but glowing reviews about their adventure.

If you are interested in joining us as part of the caravan please reach out to Doug and he will set you up on the coordination list which can also include people looking to fly out with you to split the expenses! If you have never been and like aviation at all it is something you definitely need to experience at least once (a year - ha ha ha)!

Checkout the EAA website for more information

Are you coming to OSH this year?

  • I AM IN!

  • I want to, but don't think I can.

  • I gotta get more info!


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