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AV Ground School 2020!

Looking to enhance your piloting skills? Or, perhaps you are a new student to Aviation?!

This is a great time to sign up for the Air Ventures Ground School(s) and this year, we have TWO!

Private Pilot Ground School with Sean McGrath - $500/per person

Instrument Ground School with John Martorano - $500/per person

Each Ground School will run for 8 weeks long, having one weeknight class per week, starting at 6pm. Classes will last around 2 hours. We plan to start around the first week of November 2020.

Instrument Ground School and Private Pilot Ground School will be hosted on separate week night for those who want to attend both.

For those who attend any ground school we host, you are a lifetime member for future ground schools at no additional cost. However, we do make sure we have enough slots for new students first and returning ground school students will be placed on a waiting list for open slots.

Please give us a call or shoot us an email to sign up! Limited slots will be available due to Covid restrictions.

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