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Flight Training at AirVentures 2020

What has flight training looked like lately at Air Ventures?!

Well, its been BUSY, FUN and ADVENTUROUS!

Despite the tough start to the year, Air Ventures has shown resilience and is even stronger than ever! So many of our students have taken this opportunity of down time to really immerse themselves in the aviation community, and work along side with our highly skilled instructors to improve their flying skills.

We are a full service flight school. So that means we offer private pilot certificates, instrument ratings, commercial pilot certificates, flight instructor certificates, ground schools, a full flight simulator, and aircraft rentals. All while having fun of course =)

This is THE school to train at in the Northeast if you are looking to get the absolute most out of your training, and become the safest and most professional pilot you could ever be.

At Air Ventures, you will have the unlimited support from the aviation community and staff. We are here to train you to the highest standards, but in a way that easy enough for everyone to learn.

Contact us TODAY for your flight training needs!

Blue Skies!

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