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Airport Gear ✈️

Here we have it, the FIRST of many, The Original Aviator T-Shirts of Mach Tuck!

MachTuck is a clothing line designed by your fellow aviator friends, Doug Auclair and Makayla Davis.

This limited release shirt is super soft and comfortable, so it makes great for flying in hot weather or for layering under your favorite hoodie or professional button down.

Deep blue for men, and Army green for the ladies (off the shoulder design), with printed white writing makes this shirt effortlessly stylish, and with a statement that's not too bold, but to the point.

Note, there’s an actual IFR clearance printed on the lower left corner to validate that you might be a competent pilot after all!

Grab this for yourself, or your favorite Pilot to remind them to just keep it simple, and for god’s sake, Fly Good & Don’t Suck.

Grab yours today at Air Ventures Flying School or visit our website at

50% ringspun cotton & 50% polyester

Price = $29.92

Blue Skies!

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