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Job Posting: Full time Flight Instructor

Job: Certified Flight Instructor Location: Smithfield, RI Date Posted: 08/12/2015 Contact: Doug Auclair,


Air Ventures Flying School has been in operation since 2010, located at the North Central State Airport in Smithfield Rhode Island. Air Ventures Flying School is seeking highly motivated full time Certified Flight Instructors (CFI’s & CFI-Is) for our staff. Air Ventures operates a small fleet of Piper aircraft, a Laser Grade FAA knowledge testing center, and a Touch Trainer Motion BATD flight simulator.

Air Ventures Flying School offers competitive pay, and unique flight training opportunities for the motivated instructor.


-Providing ground and flight training for private pilot, instrument, and commercial pilot students. -Responsible for maintaining training records under FAR part 61 & 141. -Responsible for flight and ground lesson scheduling and billing. -Stressing safety and professionalism while fostering a positive and fun learning environment. -Responsible for maintaining aircraft; cleanliness, security, repositioning, fueling and lubrication. -Other duties as assigned.


  • Current FAA 1st or 2nd Class medical certificate

  • Current FAA Certified Flight Instructor Certificate

  • 250 hours total flight time

  • Full time availability (6 days per week 8am to 6pm and some nights)

Preferred but not required:

  • AS or BS in Aviation Science or related field

  • Piper aircraft experience

  • Flight Simulator experience

  • Glass cockpit avionics experience

  • Instrument currency

  • Multi Engine Flight Instructor Certificate

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email your single page resume with cover letter to

In the email please include copies of the following

  • Pilot and Instructor Certificates (front and back)

  • Medical Certificate

  • Driver’s License

  • Last 2 pages of your pilot logbook

Pertinent logbook endorsements (high performance, high altitude, tailwheel, etc)

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