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Air Ventures Alum acquires new plane!

Derek Laffey came to Air Ventures last summer after moving back to New England from California with his family. He finished his Private Pilot Certificate last August and has been renting from time to time since.

During the past year Derek, like so many other newly minted pilots, has experienced the scheduling headaches that come with being a renter pilot. Limited by aircraft availability and weather events, he wasn't flying as much as he (or we) would have liked.

After a few conversations reviewing the costs of aircraft ownership and what he could expect, Derek made the decision to enter the world of aircraft ownership.

Taking Derek under my wing to get through the process of finding, vetting, purchasing, and delivering his new airplane has been an absolute joy and a service that I am always very happy to offer my students. In the world of airplanes, it is very easy to accidentally spend an extra 20 - 30 thousand (yes thousand) dollars when buying a used airplane.

It took us about 3 months to get Derek and 511RF matched up, but get them together we did (and at a heck of a price). It is the start of a long and beautiful relationship.

Now that Derek and his family are airplane owners they can really start to experience all that aviation has to offer: day trips, weekend adventures, beautiful New England sunset and foilage flights, and more. Once you have an airplane and a bit of runway, the sky is literally the limit.

N511RF is a beautiful 1971 Piper Cherokee 180, and the Laffeys couldn't be more excited to start their journey into the Wild Blue Yonder!

The Laffeys purchase of this aircraft brings the Air Ventures Flying School total student aircraft purchased number up to 19 in the past 4 years. While the thought of owning your own airplane may seem daunting, it is actually very affordable even today for the common person.

(For more information on aircraft aquisition services please contact Doug through our contact page or call us at 401-216-9359)

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