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Summer of 2020 update!

Check out what's been happening at Air Ventures Flying School this Summer!

We've been stuck inside long enough! So when Raimondo gave the OK to open again, it was T/O time for all our fellow aviators!

It wasn't long after the long break from flying that one of our outstanding and hard-working students Mike, was able to re-solo and this time, take his adorable daughter and beautiful gal for a scenic RI coastal cruise! This is exactly what he's been working so hard for!!

Many of our other students who have already earned their Pilot wings, have been taking this much needed down town to re-evaluate their flying skills and start studying for the next step in their aviation journey! You can see our awesome ground instructor Alex, working on his Instrument rating under perfect IFR conditions. Way to make the best out of cloudy days, eh?

We've also recruited a bunch of NEW students into the school this year and have been delighted to keep our community at KSFZ growing! Luke, one of our newest students, has been working on his PPL almost every single day with our beloved Master Flight Instructor, Doug Auclair. Luke plans to finish by the end of the summer before he goes off into the Marines to be the next Top Gun candidate! Pretty epic that we are getting to train the future aviators of the U.S Marines!

Keep posted, as I will be sharing more stories on our Student Pilot's progressions, new flight instructors at the school, and events to come!

Mike and his family loving the new experience!

Luke, our next Top Gun making flying look easy!

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