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Air Ventures Flying School is a full service flight school. In addition to the above standardized training courses we offer many other services:


  • Instrument Proficiency Checks

  • Wings flight phases

  • Flight Instructor Training

  • Complex Airplane endorsements

  • High Performance endorsements

  • Private Pilot license ground schools

  • Instrument Rating ground schools

  • Insurance Checkouts

  • Aircraft Transition Training

  • Cirrus Transition Training

  • Pilot Services

  • Aircraft Delivery services

  • Aircraft acquisition consulting

  • Tailwheel endorsements

  • High performance endorsemets

  • Complex endorsements

  • Experimental Aircraft Flight testing


The staff at Air Ventures Flying School has extensive experience in near all makes & models of aircraft, call us to find out if we can fly with you in your new airplane (we probably can).



What are your rates? (updated Feb 2023)


Flight & Ground Instruction time for pilots training in Air Ventures Flying School aircraft is $70.00 per hour.


Flight & Ground Instruction time for pilots training in their own aircraft is $85.00 per hour.


Flight Testing & Training in Experimental or Turbine aircraft is $125.00 per hour with a $250.00 inspection fee. If you are building, or considering building please talk to us first why it is critical to have an expert compile your POH, Checklists, and Flight procedures for your new aircraft.


Do you offer financing?


We work with the following companies for financing. 


AOPA Flex Financing


Pilot Finance


Scholarship opportunities:


In these trying financel times, money can be a big issue when it comes to starting or finishing your flight training. There are some GREAT people, and great organizations who give back to help those in need. Their information can be found below.


We highly reccomend joining these organizations, even if you don't win the scholarships, they do great things and have great communities.


Rhode Island Pilots Association Flight Training Scholarship


Aero Club of New England Flight Training Scholarships


AOPA Flight Training Scholarships


EAA Flight Training Scholarships


If you still don't see what you're looking for, please give us a call 401-216-9359 or send us an email detailing your particular situation and we will help build a training solution just for you!

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