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Private Pilot Certificacte

The License to Learn. (It's not even a license - it's a certificate)


The Private Pilot Certificate is the key that well let you unlock the world of aviation. It is the starting point for all aviators, and the most critical to ensure you do right.


In a world of minimums, make sure you get the maximum out of your training. Do it right. Finding the appropriate flight school is much more than just picking one with the newest aircraft and lowest prices. It is about finding a place focused on education, not the bottom line.


Why we're different.


Here at Air Ventures Flying School, we are focused on crafting the best possible pilots in the most effective amount of time possible.


We teach flying differently. We are a Part 61 Flight School, however we use a Foundational Based Training syllabus created by Master Flight Instructor Doug Auclair using his thousands of hours of Instructional experience, and many years in the industry.


What is Foundational Based Training?


Foundational Based Flight Training is the method of emphasizing and developing single elements of airmanship through detailed ground instruction and effective use of flight time.


By building the core elements individually and emphasizing the WHY behind even seemingly unimportant parts of training it helps eliminate "learning plateaus" that many students seem to hit over the course of training.


This unique approach helps create students who reach a deeper level of understanding then the average pilot which will allow you to be much more functional in the world when you earn your certificate.


What can you do with a Private Pilot Certificate?

Like we said above, you can fly by yourself, with your friends and family for fun, or you can use an airplane to fly places on business trips. You can fly in good weather, called Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) under Visual Flight Rules (VFR), meaning you have to be able to see outside of the airplane to fly. Your friends and business associates may also pay a pro-rated share of the expenses for the flight to help offset costs.


What you CAN’T do with a Private Pilot Certificate!

You can’t fly in the clouds, or for hire. What we mean by “for hire” is that you can’t charge people money for rides, post on craigslist that you will deliver things by air for people or fly those people places for cash.


Training Information: We do not offer accelerated or guaranteed flight training.

Every person is different, training duration can vary depending on how often you can fly, how much time you dedicate to studying, and how quickly you can comprehend and put together all of the materials.

It is very important to understand that learning to fly isn't like anything else you have done. It isn't just showing up and learning how to steer a ship through the sky. There are significant areas of knowledge required and LOTS of book study that you will need to do in addition to the flying portion of your training. 

A pilot certificate never expires and is a skill that you earn for life, so enjoy the process and you will get a lot more out of it.


Frequency matters: the more you fly, the more you retain between flights


  • 1 flight per week = 20 to complete certificate

  • 2 flights per week = 11 months to complete certificate

  • 5 flights per week = 6 months to complete certificate

There are 4 phases in the flight training process, and 3 exams you must take.

Phases of training:

  • Pre-solo training: You will learn all of the basic flying skills as well as fundamental theoretical knowledge required to operate an airplane by yourself.

  • Cross Country training: You will learn how to navigate the airplane in a variety of ways so that you can find your way to your destination.

  • Solo training: You will operate the aircraft solo on a variety of flights to gain practical experience without supervision.

  • Check Ride Prep: You will refine all of your flying skills so that you meet the competency requirements before your instructor signs you off to take your oral & practical exam.


  • Knowledge Test: This exam is taken at a computer testing facility and is a 60 question test that measures your understanding of aviation theory.

  • Oral Exam: This is done prior to the practical flight exam on the same day. A Designated Pilot Examiner will orally quiz you on your aviation knowledge in a variety of areas.

  • Practical Exam: Upon Successful completion of your Oral Exam you will do the practical flying exam. This exam consists of demonstrating all of the skills that you have learned through out your training to the examiner to prove you are safe to fly alone.

Training Cost:
The average of the private pilot certificate at AVFS is around $18,750.00 in total and averages down to about $295.00 for each actual lesson.

Some lessons cost more, and some cost less depending on the student’s level of preparation as well as frequency of flight.

The average flight time that it takes to complete a license at Air Ventures is approximately 65 hours.


To set up an appointment to get more information on obtaining your private pilot certificate please call us at 401-216-9359.

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