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Each of the following links will open a page in a new window.


You will be required to make multiple logins and it is very important that you save all of the usernames and passwords as you will use them throughout your entire flying career.

Be sure to save copies of all associated certificates, documents and logins as some will be required on the next page.

You must complete each item below before proceeding to the next page.

  1. AOPA TSA Security awareness training 

    Will require you to create a login and password for free, then complete the training.

    You will need to save the PDF indicating that you have completed this training, you will need to submit it on the next page.


    You will need to create a login and start a student pilot certificate application. You will need to save your login and password, and will be required to submit your FTN number on the next page.

  3. FAA Med X-press

    You will need to obtain at least an FAA 3rd class medical certificate, you have to fill out this form to apply. After you complete this application you can find a local Aviation Medical Examiner by clicking here

  4. Aircraft Rental Agreement

    Click to download a copy of the aircraft rental agreement for your review and records. This agreement is subject to change and you will need to sign your agreement on the following page.


  5. Cancellation Policy

    Click to download a copy of our cancellation policy for your review and records. This policy is subject to change and you will need to sign your agreement on the following page.


  6. Non-U.S. Citizen TSA Verification

    If you are not a U.S. Citizen with a valid U.S. Passport you must complete a security verification by the TSA before you can start any flight training.

    This verification is required for each certificate or rating sought and is good for a duration of 1 year from the date of final approval.

    There are costs associated with this and you will be required to be finger printed for the application.

    Click the button below to complete this process. You will need to select SFZ (North Central State Airport) for the airport and Air Ventures Flying School for the flight training provider.

  7. Request access to Flight Schedule Pro

    You will need access to the flight schedule to book training as well as access your training progress. Please create a profile to request access to our schedule today.

Once you have completed all of the steps please proceed to the enrollment page.

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