SIM Club  -  Producing Proficency


The FAA requires pilots to maintain a minumum level of VFR and instrument "currency" in order to excersize their certificate privelages.


However, with the rising costs associated with flight training more and more pilots are unfortunately flying to the bare minimum levels of currency.


Every month we as pilots are innundated with information from aviation safety organizations as well as the FAA, almost pleading with us to stay proficent, not just current.


Unfortunately for most pilots, time is money and when the time to fly out for breakfast on a nice Sunday morning rolls around, stalls, unusual attitudes, partial panel approaches, and simulated engine outs are the last thing their mind. Not to mention the fact that you need to have another qualified pilot with you at all times to be able to act as safety pilot and log approaches for currency adds and addtional level of complexity to scheduling a flight.


Our SIM Club provides solutions to all of these problems.


The state of the art FTS visual motion simulator allows pilots to hone their proficency on their own when they want, to the level they want.


This gives a pilot some great advantages:


1) Helps a pilot establish real life "peronal minimums" based on adjustable time, and weather conditions

2) Gives a pilot the ability to see how they would handle a "real" emergency

3) Fly in conditions you normally wouldn't to practice "what if" scenarios

4) Increase their understanding of the national airpsace system

5) Condition the pilots read react skills when an abnormal situation occurs

6) Increase a pilots proficency through increased repetition of activity

7) Expand the pilots available community through new connections made at our member only SIM Club training events


Combining our state of the art simulator with Pilotedge it helps improve both VFR and IFR pilots use of air traffic control services.


If you are a VFR or IFR certificated pilot, the SIM Club has a membership option for you. 


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